The Food Diary

The Food Diary


The Food Diary is designed to help you track food, symptoms and wellbeing.

This diary is the perfect tool to help you better understand how your diet and lifestyle affects your body.

The clearly laid out daily page helps you consistently track food and corresponding symptoms, plus additional non-food triggers that can impact your health.

Our diary is used used by people with a wide range of tracking needs - from Irritable Bowel Syndrome, food intolerances, allergies, and IBD, to people tracking diets like Low Fodmap, AIP and more. Some use it simply to be more aware of how their diet affects the way their body performs.

If you need to keep a handle on your food and symptoms, then this diary can help.

Each diary includes:

  • Specialist Daily Page to track food, drinks, symptoms, sleep, mood, stress, exercise and medication. Plus a notes section for anything additional you’d like to track.

  • Monthly round-up spreads to help you make connections between food and stressors and pinpoint your personal health triggers.

  • Notes pages for keeping track of doctors appointments, notes, shopping lists, etc.

  • 3 months worth of undated diary pages - start your tracking at any time that suits you.

The diary is bound in a beautiful leather-look (vegan friendly) cover, with our discreet logo embossed on the front. Portable and stylish - ready to help you track both the bad days and the good.

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