The Food Diary in the Wild: living in Leeds with IBS

When Natalia was first diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome, she had no consistent way of tracking her Low-FODMAP diet reintroductions and symptoms…until she found The Food Diary Co!


This week's story is a proper throwback to our first ever featured Diary in the Wild! Natalia from Leeds has IBS and here's here story....

"I discovered TFDC on Instagram in 2017 and was immediately interested. I was diagnosed with IBS last year; the very early stages are of foods exclusions and then slow reintroduction to see which FODMAPs you react to and I remember having different notes in my notebook and then on my phone as well, I had no consistent way of tracking food intake, reactions and symptoms. When you’re trying to report on these to a specialist or simply for your own information having these in one place is key.

I love TFDC because it’s small enough to carry with me anywhere I go - it doesn’t leave my bag; it’s perfectly organised and tailored specifically for this, and its design is beautiful!

I also love the fact it includes things like sleep and mood, as those two most definitely affect our gut health, and the summary at the end of each month is great to see trends & potential triggers from a sort of bird’s eye view."

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