Our Gift Guide for Sore Stomachs

Do the loved ones in your life have IBS, a chronic illness, or are just taking a bit of down time to rest and recharge over the holidays and January?

Or perhaps it’s you! You have Irritable Bowel Syndrome and you’re ready to treat. Yo. Self.

Either way, we have a great gift guide for you…


1.    A fuzzy hot water bottle and snuggly robe

First off the bat: getting comfy at home. Often people with upset digestive systems have to do a lot of chilling out at home. Make it cosier for them with a soft, soft robe like this one, and a fuzzy hot water bottle they can hug.

2.    A Netflix, Spotify or audible subscription

Sometimes, what you need is a distraction. When we can’t sleep, out comes the audible: the dulcet tones of audiobook readers give us something else to focus on besides the nausea, or the cramps, and during bad episodes, we’ve often fallen asleep with them playing.

Spotify can work just as well if you need some music without the distracting words, and Netflix is always the one for a comfy night in.

3.    A headspace subscription

Another subscription, but one that deserves its own mention: Headspace! Meditation can help no end in understanding your body, mitigating stress, and managing your mental health. If it wasn’t for Headspace we’d never have realized that we were gripping our stomach muscles tightly, and that was the last piece of the puzzle after figuring out what our food triggers were.

4.    Our diary!

Speaking of food triggers, give your person (or you!) the gift of self-knowledge this Christmas. Making yourself cozy for one night, or month, is great, but finding out what’s really ailing you, so that you can avoid it and get your health back on track? Priceless. (Plus, we ship worldwide!)

5.    A pregnancy pillow

What now? Yes! This is an odd one, but trust us: these things are great for resting a bloated, sore belly on. They feel like a giant hug while you’re not at your best, and helps getting a good night’s sleep a little bit easier. We’re not sure which brand of pillow we tested (thank you, pregnant friend!) but this one looks like it could be excellently comfy.

Still looking for inspiration? There are some fab suggestions on The Wee Foddie’s 2017 gift guide too!

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