MEET: Lindsay from @thatlofolife

If you’re on the Low Fodmap diet, the first thing you notice is the list of foods you can’t eat for a while.

It can be a little…depressing. But bloggers like Lindsay from @ThatLoFoLife are saving the day by creating recipes that don’t just look and taste incredible, but are Low FODMAP safe! Not only that, but Lindsay does this as a labour of love, on the side of a full time job.

We sat Lindsay down for a chat about her tasty creations…

That Lo Fo Life_individual_chocolate_ice_creams.jpg

Hi @thatlofolife! Can you introduce yourself for our readers?

My name is Lindsay. I’m twenty-five and live in Sydney, Australia. I currently work full time as a Speech Pathologist, and run my Instagram (@thatlofolife) and my blog ( as a hobby. I develop low FODMAP recipes and love food photography.

We love your food photography too! It’s absolutely wonderful. Tell us more about That LoFo life - what was your inspiration for starting it?

I have been gluten intolerant since 2009, but have had ongoing digestive issues for a number of years. After multiple procedures and multiple avenues of investigation, I was diagnosed with IBS in 2017 and prescribed a low FODMAP diet in order to manage it.

At first I remember feeling so defeated about all the foods I couldn’t eat, and all the recipes I loved to cook that weren’t suitable for me anymore. After sulking about it for a while, I decided it would be better to stay positive and figure out how to continue enjoying food. I created That LoFo Life to keep myself accountable and creative, to connect with others going through a similar journey and to spread some positivity in the digestively-challenged community!

YES!! We love a good bit of positivity, and it absolutely shines through your posts. Have you always been a home chef who makes incredibly gorgeous meals? Or did you start to cook more following your diagnosis?

First of all, thank you so much for saying “gorgeous”! 90% of the time my meals do not look nearly as aesthetic as the world of social media would have you think. But yes, I have always loved cooking. My mum is the best cook I know and has taught me so much about food over the years, so my culinary efforts started at a young age. Having said that, following my diagnosis I was definitely forced to get more creative than I have ever been!

So where are you now in your food journey? (E.g. are you comfortable you've found most or all of your triggers or are you still reintroducing foods?)

I was fortunate enough to have the guidance of an excellent dietician when I first began the low FODMAP diet, and did the re-introduction trials in 2018. Unfortunately, I failed most of the re-introduction trials so I am safely say I’ve found most (if not all) of my triggers, but the list is long. I have reintroduced some food like mushrooms, apples and chickpeas, and will probably try the trials again in the future to see if my results are different!

What's your favourite thing about creating for That LoFo Life?

I love the feeling when you create something delicious that you can enjoy with the people that you love without worrying about it triggering your symptoms. Nothing is more amazing than being able to sit down for a meal and knowing that what you’re going to eat not only tastes great, but that you can enjoy it without thought as to the consequences. It’s brought my love of food and creativity back! I know so many people get so downhearted when they’re diagnosed with IBS that they begin dreading meal times and cooking – and I don’t think anyone should feel that way.

Absolutely - I completely understand those swings from despondency to ‘actually, I can make this work again!’ Tell us - where do you get your inspiration for your recipes?

My biggest inspiration is thinking about the foods or dishes I used to enjoy all the time before I started my low FODMAP journey, because there’s no reason I can’t still enjoy them now! I love to take a meal that’s typically high FODMAP and create a safe version of it. Georgia McDermott’s cookbook, ‘FODMAP Friendly’ has become my holy grail of recipe books. And I also take huge inspiration from some of the recipe blogs I used to cook things off all the time – Minimalist Baker, Joy the Baker etc.

What's your favourite recipe?

I’m going to be selfish and pick three, because I couldn’t pick a stand-out favourite! My favourite sweet recipe would have to be my Hedgehog Slice. I could honestly eat the whole thing in one sitting if I put my mind to it.

Then for savoury recipes, I love my Five Minute Pesto because it’s quick to make and so versatile. I have it in pasta, on chicken, as a salad dressing – you name it! And then I also had to include my Beef Ragu, because it’s just so hearty and tasty. You can eat this one as suggested in the recipe, but I’ve also made small modifications to the ragu mixture and turned it into beef enchiladas, nachos, meat pies etc.

They sound delicious! Finally, to wrap up: what do you wish the world at large understood about IBS?

Like with any illness or condition that’s not easily “seen”, I wish the world at large would accept that it’s a very real thing and not just something we’ve imagined or made up – it’s estimated that 10-15% of the world’s population suffer from IBS, and while it’s different for everyone, it can significantly impact your day to day life.

That was our interview with Lindsay of @thatlofolife! She creates beautiful Low Fodmap recipes for her blog That Lo Fo Life - if you’re doing the Low Fodmap diet (or just want to check out some tasty recipes!) visit her blog now!

Plus: stay tuned, because Lindsay has put together an amazing 7 day Meal Plan for Low Fodmappers - it’s a real treat so don’t forget to come back tomorrow and check it out!