International Women's Day: 5 of our favourite gut health women online

It’s International Women’s Day! And as a business created and run by a woman, we’re here for giving credit where credit is due to the women who continue to influence our gut health journey in the best ways possible.

There’s no shortage of awesome women online doing the most for everyone through their work - here’s just a handful of our favourites (plus: bonus interviews with two of our fave babes!)

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The Perfect Podcast Pair: Wendy & Jess (Food Heaven Made Easy)

We love a good podcast, and Food Heaven Made Easy is one of our favourites. Jess & Wendy are Registered Dieticians with Masters Degrees in Nutrition, so you know they’re good for the evidence-based information!

Their podcast explores all the ins-and-outs of nutrition with their guests (pertinent episodes for Food Diary users: Everything you need to know about SIBO with Danielle Capalino and Intuitive Eating with Chronic Disease with Vincci Tsui)

Not only is the podcast excellent, but Wendy & Jess’ plant-based recipes make it easy to get lots of delicious veggies into your diet and they often do recipe follow-alongs in their stories! Find them on Instagram here.


The Insta Heart-Lifter: Lottie (@thetummydiaries)

Lottie from the Tummy Diaries has been our favourite ray of sunshine for some time now. Living with IBS isn’t easy, but she does it with her signature smile, putting it all out there so that the rest of us who are regularly bloated don’t feel quite so alone. Plus she started the #myBloatedWardrobe hashtag - fashion inspiration for anyone who feels like hiding their bloat baby behind a giant jumper on the reg. If that’s you, check out the hashtag now, because we deserve to find clothes that make us feel gorgeous no matter what our stomach situation, right?!

Generously, Lottie took a few minutes to answer our quickfire International Women’s Day questions - check them out!

Lottie! Introduce yourself and your work in one quick sentence:

Spreading positivity and bloat-friendly outfit finds for my fellow bloated babes!

What’s your main passion/goal regarding nutrition and/or gut health?

My main passion is to get people feeling happy and positive even when their tummies aren't playing ball. I try and spread the importance of understanding your gut, but also understanding that on days when we have flare-ups or tummy issues, it's OK - and share my tips on how to get through it. One of the things I love sharing the most are my favourite bloat-friendly outfits (#mybloatedwardrobe) - all the floaty dresses and elastic waistbands that can make us feel confident and comfortable even when we don't feel our best.

What motivates you to keep going for that goal?

Hearing about people transforming their mindset. Although we can't always 100% control our IBS or gut-health problems, we can try and take control over how it affects us psychologically. When I get messages saying that I've helped someone feel more confident and positive despite their struggles it really does make me feel on top of the world. It's amazing what a smile and a PMA can do!

What do you find exciting about the nutritional/gut space at the minute?

The growth of easy-to-digest (pun intended 😉) information! I remember three or four years ago when I first started to accept that I needed to look after my gut health, searching online felt like I accidentally landed in the science lecture rather than drama auditions at school! But now, there are so many individuals and companies (with The Gut Stuff being one of my fave) that are breaking gut health down into research and advice that you can actually understand without a degree in medicine. That for me, has been so helpful as it allows you to make informed decisions based on your own body, rather than taking a certain supplement or probiotic just because an influencer does.

What’s your favourite random gut fact? (Or what's your favourite random fact about you that people won't know?)

This isn't gut related but it's my favourite ever fact: a group of flamingos are called a flamboyance!

My fave gut related fact is that I just find the gut-brain connection so fascinating, and when I first learnt that there is actually a link it all made so much sense!

Follow Lottie on Instagram for a regular does of real, and real positive, life with IBS <3 (And for the lols between her and her fiance Ross, the #fodmapthug himself!😂)


The Woman who Does It All: Dr Hazel Wallace (The Food Medic)

Dr Wallace (because if you’ve done the work, you definitely deserve to flaunt the title) squeezes so much into a day, we’re sure she must have a Harry Potter-esque Time Turner stashed away somewhere. She’s a recipe book writing, podcasting, you-tubing, personal trainer and fully-qualified doctor, helping us all to lead healthier lives.

We love following her because when we just don’t feel like it, she reminds us it’s easy to get up, eat something good for us, and truck on doing the things we love. Oh and she also has her own range of cute lunchboxes and the like with Boots to help you carry those nutritious meals-to-go with style. Is there anything she can’t do?! (We’re betting not!)

Emma Hatcher - Adam Brazier.jpg

The Low FODMAP Recipe Guru - Emma Hatcher (She Can’t Eat What?!)

*photo by Adam Brazier

When the Low FODMAP diet had even less of a profile than it does now, Emma Hatcher was blogging her recipes for her fellow IBS-suffering folks. Her brilliant blog spawned a GORGEOUS recipe book, which is a godsend for anyone on the Low FODMAP diet. After all, it’s far too easy to look at a list of FODMAP foods and see all the things you can’t eat or enjoy - instead Emma’s recipes show us it’s possible to eat delicious - and beautiful - meals while Low Fodmapping.

And: bonus! Emma kindly answered our quickfire questions too! <3 Read on…

Introduce yourself and your work in 1 quick sentence

My name is Emma Hatcher and I’m a freelance recipe and content developer, author and IBS sufferer.

What’s your main passion/goal regarding nutrition and/or gut health?

After years of horrible IBS symptoms and being told to try cutting out various food groups (with little success), I was introduced to the Low FODMAP Diet by a dietician. It was a light-bulb moment - the diet didn’t only decrease my symptoms, but completely changed my life. However I quickly realised that although the science was empowering, nobody knew about it. And there were a huge lack of recipes available that were FODMAP friendly (free from ingredients such as onion, garlic, dates and milk). I created my blog, She Can’t Eat What?! with the aim to share my story, raise awareness of the Low FODMAP Diet and to help others in the same position.

What motivates you to keep going for that goal?

The best part of my job is getting emails and messages on social media from people telling me that my book, blog and recipes have helped them on their gut journey. It makes all the hard work worthwhile!

What do you find exciting about the nutritional/gut space at the minute?

Emerging research around the gut/brain connection. It’s incredible to think that altering the balance of bacteria in the gut could potentially help manage conditions like anxiety and depression.

What’s your favourite random gut fact?

95% of your serotonin is located within the gastrointestinal tract. No wonder people reference a gut feeling!

These awesome women are just a handful of the women doing amazing work in the nutrition/gut health/specialised diet space online! Do you have a favourite we haven’t mentioned? Share their name and the love in a comment! <3