Gluten Free eats in Cambridge with Sally of @glutenfreesal

Welcome to our second post in a new series where our favourite gluten free/dairy free/low-FODMAP folks take you on a tour of their city. (It doesn't have a name yet, what should we call it? *thinking emoji*)

If you missed it, our first blogger was Kemi from The Intolerant Foodie taking us around London to her 6 favourite GF/DF spots; now it's Sally from Gluten Free Sal who's leading us through her favourite Cambridge spots for the gluten intolerant!

Gluten Free Cambridge with Gluten Free Sal

When I was diagnosed with coeliac disease 10 years ago I very rarely trusted any
restaurant or café. Awareness of food intolerances was incredibly limited, and of the
few times I did take a leap of faith and eat out, I was glutened more often than I can
remember. Now I regularly eat out in Cambridge, at chains and independents, with
no fear and no accidental glutenings!

As a visitor to our small city you could be forgiven for thinking that the centre is a
little generic in its offering. There is definitely a feeling amongst locals that chains
have been replacing some of our once uniquely Cambridge shops and restaurants,
and if your first view of the city is the Grand Arcade shopping centre you will
definitely find yourself surrounded by many familiar names. However, if you know
where to look there are some gems hidden in plain sight right in the centre of the


Rainbow Café (gluten free, dairy free options)
9A King's Parade, Cambridge CB2 1SJ

The Rainbow Café is hidden away on Kings Parade, right opposite the iconic Kings College. Spot the Rainbow signage and head down the little alley to get to this gem. This is a longstanding vegetarian restaurant which focuses on providing sustainable and ethical meals. It has a really cosy atmosphere, and you can see into the kitchen as you enter the café which is something I find very reassuring. This isn’t your typical restaurant experience, it feels a bit like you have been welcomed into a friend’s home for a delicious home cooked meal. All allergens are clearly labelled on the menu, and this is a brilliant place to go for anyone with a food intolerance.

The Fudge Kitchen (gluten free, dairy free options)
11 King's Parade, Cambridge CB2 1SJ

Also on Kings Parade, The Fudge Kitchen is a little haven for anyone with a food intolerance looking for something sweet to keep them going during their visit to Cambridge. The Fudge Kitchen offer a great variety of fudges made by the staff on site. The staff know exactly what has gone in to each of their fudges as they have helped make them, and they are incredibly helpful. Usually all bar one or two of their fudges are gluten free, well worth checking this place out!

Butch Annie's (gluten free options)
23 Market St, Cambridge CB2 3PA

Another hidden gem, Butch Annie's is located next to the market square opposite TK Maxx. Look out for their A-Board and follow the steps down to find them. Butch Annie's is a perfect place for a casual meal, or if you want to grab a quick bite. They offer some really interesting burger combinations and most importantly offer a gluten free bun (although unfortunately none of the sides are gluten free). My personal recommendation is the Honolulu Babe, but ask the staff which other options are gluten free and they’ll happily point them out for you.


Novi (gluten free, dairy free options)
12 Regent St, Cambridge CB2 1DB

Novi is a fantastic place for daytime cocktails and brunch. They have a tasty selection of botanical cocktails and a lovely menu with gluten free and vegan options. Whilst my visits there are sometimes a little hazy after sampling our way through the cocktail menu, I do remember that the food has always been delicious. Now that it is getting to summer their living roof terrace would be a perfect place to spend a sunny afternoon in Cambridge.

salisbury arms.png

The Salisbury Arms (gluten free, dairy free options)
76 Tenison Rd, Cambridge CB1 2DW

Located between the train station and Mill Road, The Salisbury Arms has recently been voted Cambridge’s pub of the year. Looking at their extensive pizza and pots menu it is easy to see why it is always packed with people. They offer a delicious gluten free pizza base, flavourful gluten free pots (I recommend the roasted pepper and goats cheese bake) and an extensive dessert menu, as well as gluten free beer. If you are going to eat anywhere in Cambridge, give these guys a call and book a table. I won’t say another word, I’ll just leave their dessert menu here and let you make up your own mind.


Mill Road

Mill Road is one of my favourite parts of Cambridge, and it is the first place I lived when I moved to Cambridge. It is a uniquely vibrant and diverse community, and I wouldn’t change it for the world. If you happen to visit Cambridge in the winter make sure you visit when the Mill Road Winter fair is on, when they block off the entire street and the whole of Cambridge visit the road en masse to enjoy a day of local businesses selling handmade products, filling your belly with street food and a day of street performances. For the rest of the year, Mill Road is known as the place in Cambridge where independents thrive. I could probably write a whole book about how wonderful it is, but I won’t bore you with that and will leave you with some recommendations instead:

For a cup of coffee and a gluten free cake The Black Cat Café is the place to go. This is such a friendly little café and in the summer they have a few outside seats which are perfect for a spot of people watching.

If you are after a more substantial meal the nearby Sea Tree is not to be missed. This local fish and chip shop is a coeliac’s dream. They offer beautifully cooked gluten free fish and chips made in a dedicated fryer, as well as a whole selection of other gluten free treats. If you are going to try anywhere on Mill Road, this would be my top recommendation.

For a lighter meal check out Limoncello, which is an Italian delicatessen offering some gluten free lunch options. I would recommend the parma ham and buffalo mozzarella salad (pictured below).


For more about gluten free Cambridge and my adventures in gluten free cooking please visit my Instagram @glutenfreesal. If you are ever visiting Cambridge and want a recommendation please feel free to drop me a message!

Thank you so much Sally for that brilliant post! 

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