The Food Diary in the Wild: Audrey's and Intuitive Eating

Food diaries aren’t just for people with food intolerances or chronic illnesses. They’re a fantastic tool for understanding how your habits and diet affect your health and wellness overall.

Discover how Audrey used hers as a guide for her intuitive eating…

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In March it was Audrey from Shannon, Ireland's turn to give us a peak into how she uses her diary...

"So, I've been using the diary for a few weeks now, and I bought it as part of a mindful eating practice I've started. Basically, I want to end emotional eating. I'm a slim person and weight isn't really an issue, but I do find myself eating unhealthy 'comfort' foods more and more, and I don't feel great because of it.

By tracking my mood and daily diet, I thought I'd confirm that I'm eating way too much - hence the slight weight gain. That just hasn't been the lesson. I actually eat very little, but what I have been eating is full of fat and the bad stuff, as I call it. I've also noticed that my water consumption had gone down to pretty much a measly glass a day!! I've been surviving on tea and coffee! I know it sounds obvious, and you may think this stuff isn't rocket science, but I'm amazed at what I was wasn't seeing without this diary.

The diary and mindful eating isn't a weight-loss diet for me. These are tools I'm using to bring awareness to my eating patterns, and I can't recommend the diary enough in that regard.

I'm a fan for life! And, I won't lie, it helps that the diary looks gorgeous!"

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