5 ways to ease Coeliac dry skin

Ever wondered why you have dry skin with Coeliac Disease? Here are a few ways to ease it.


There are some properly random-seeming effects that coeliac disease can have on you. Things you wouldn’t think to attribute to a wheat protein, like bone deep tiredness or mouth ulcers. Well, we can safely file ‘constantly dry skin’ under the same category.

If you feel like your hands are always cracking and your lip balm doesn’t do diddly-squat, especially as we’re coming out of the cold winter months, then read on for a few of our favourite ways to ease the dry skin pain:

Turn down that heat

If you love your shower boiling hot, or your house to be roughly the temperature of an Australian summer day, then you’re drying out your skin even more than your body is already doing for you. Whoops! Keep that water a little cooler, and consider a humidifier for your house to make sure the hot air doesn’t suck your skin dry of moisture.

Protect your hands

Wear gloves when cleaning. Wear gloves in the cold. Moisturise them every time you wash them (if you can). Try to minimize drying with hot air dryers. Sometimes we like to apply a thick layer of cream and let it sit on top of the skin for a minute or so before we rub it in – the little blue tub of Nivea is especially good when your hands are sore.

Use a body brush (gently)

To help your moisturizer sink in, gently buff away the flaky bits with a body brush. When we do this consistently (along with the moisturizing), it helps keep our skin soo much softer on a day-to-day basis.

Apply moisturizing cream in the bathroom

This is something we’ve heard multiple times, but only started doing recently. Game changer! Applying your body lotion in the bathroom, where it’s still a bit steamy and your skin is a little damp, makes for much softer skin. Lately we’ve been loving Aveeno’s Skin Relief cream.

Replenish that water

Finally, it’s all well and good applying creams from the outside, but what about the inside!? Keep yourself topped up with water to give your cells what they’re crying out for. And of course, track your water intake with your food diary to make sure you're actually drinking as much as you think you are.

Do you have any great tips for us or favourite moisturizing creams we should try? Leave us a comment – we’d love to hear!