Meet: Hell Yeah Gluten Free Bakery!

It's no secret that we love Instagram for its community - but we also love it as a portal to discovering new, delicious things, and people doing incredible stuff for the digestively challenged.

Recently we came across Hell Yeah Gluten Free! a bakery in Atlanta, Georgia (USA) making incredible looking gluten free cakes and specialities, and we just had to get to know the baker a little better. So get ready to meet: Hell Yeah Gluten Free Bakery!

Gorgeous gluten free cake

Hello baker of delicious-looking gluten free goodies! Can you introduce yourself for our readers?

I'm Alejandra and I own and operate Hell Yeah Gluten Free, a boutique home-based bakery in Atlanta, Georgia. I offer artful, custom, fashion-forward desserts that just happen to also be 100% gluten-free.

Tell us a little about the Bakery - how did it begin?

I have been learning and exploring baking for a couple of years, and only officially registered the business four months ago, when I quit my full-time engineering role at a big tech company. 
The name was kind of a joke based on a patch design I bought at a conference. I ironed it on my chef's coat during a catering gig and someone asked, "is that the name of your business?" I looked down at my jacket, to the patch that said "Hell yeah!", and said, "yep!" without thinking twice.

I do gluten free because I am gluten free and also a total food lover. I am also very scientific and love the scientific process of baking. There is a huge space in the market that's ready to be taken by someone who's super serious about making gluten free baked goods accessible and fabulous. It's an incredible problem to solve, and I'm up to the challenge. 

Ah so you understand the struggles! What's your GF story? 

Like most people, my diagnosis was very "loose". I went to a couple doctors who said I had anxiety or IBS, and finally went to an allergist who said it seemed I was allergic to wheat. I've avoided it ever since, and have felt so much better. I definitely feel it when I get "glutened", and get horrible migraines that last days, horrible stomach aches, brain fog, and facial/peripheral numbness. It's horrible. 

I can relate. So what's your baking story? Where did you learn how to decorate so amazingly?

Lots of people are disappointed to learn I didn't grow up baking with any family members, and there isnt some impressive family legacy. I've always loved food but been a horrible baker. I wanted the Great British Bakeoff and thought, "well, this looks so cool! I'd like to practice baking more". And then.. I kind of did. I made enormous many-layered cakes, cream puffs, eclairs, and all kinds of complicated stuff–but none of it was gluten-free so I could never try. I'd have to bring $50 cakes into the office so they wouldn't go to waste. At some point, I figured it was probably dumb that I wasn't able to eat my own stuff–so then I adapted everything to gluten-free. It's been two years that I've been developing recipes and pushing boundaries. 

Where do you get your inspiration for your products and incredible cakes?

I am inspired by the world around me. By my super talented friends. By myself. By wacky produce. Anything different or unique catches my eye and I become obsessed with learning more and "mastering" it. Fortunately there are bajillions of fruits and vegetables and grains and flavors out there. 

Okay, you bake all these amazing looking things for everyone else - but what does *your* dream GF cake look like if someone could make it for you?

Literally just boxed cake. I love boxed cake. They're simple, they hit the spot, and can last for days at room temperature. 

And finally, where can people find you if they want some of that deliciousness? (Do you deliver or is it only in Atlanta?)
I do not deliver, it's local pickup only. You can order on my website until I open my storefront–which could be as early as this year! :)

Thank you for chatting to us Alejandra! Good luck opening your store and one day I *will* get to Atlanta to sample some of those amazing baked goods - I mean, gluten free cinnamon buns stuffed with figs and mascarpone cheese and pecans, and drizzled with an orange zest glaze, topped with fresh figgies and funfetti pie crust crumblies...WHAaat. Yes please!