TFDC in the wild: Chloe's story

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Each month in our newsletter we feature a diary in the other words, we give you a sneaky peek into other people's diary habits, what they use them for, how they're getting on. We love reading their stories, and if you're as nosy as us you can sign up to read them first, here

Chloe was one of our first diary users, and one of our first featured diaries in the wild! Here's her story... 

"I have suffered from chronic pain and different digestive issues, some diagnosed and others still a mystery, for as long as I can remember. As a child, I was often asked by doctors to keep a food diary. But there was never a system that worked for me to do so. This beautiful and discrete food diary from The Food Diary Co. has changed that completely. After many failed attempts at logging my meals and getting a comprehensive view of what ails me, I've finally found a way that makes sense.
I've been using my diary each morning to log the previous day's activity. Forming this habit has had more benefits than I anticipated. For instance, I have to pay closer attention to my body every day. It takes extra awareness to note every meal, snack, beverage and medication I'm putting into my body. It takes even more awareness to take note of the reactions my body has to all of those items. Once the habit was formed, I started noticing what made me feel poorly and was actually able to consciously avoid those things. I learned so much about my body by slowing down, paying attention and writing it all down in a way that made sense. It's a beautiful way to start a healing process rooted in mindfulness and understanding. And it is refreshing to have such a beautiful and easy resource, not connected to my phone. I think even a person who doesn't have specific digestive issues could learn a lot from the practice of logging their meals this way; there's just so much we ignore about our own bodies. Thank you, TFDC, for making it easier to know more!"

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