TFDC in the Wild: Julie's story

Sometimes the feedback we get for our diaries is short & sweet, just like this from Julie in Brighton, who used the diary to help her son as he eased his way into his newly gluten-free life:

coeliac food diary.jpg

“I bought the diary for my son who had just been diagnosed with coeliac disease and we had to keep a careful record of what he ate. It helped us track when and where he had most likely inadvertently had gluten, which makes him very ill. It was really helpful, as symptoms take up to 24hour to appear. To get in the habit of keeping the diary, I left it out by the toaster! It’s a nice, solid diary that’s well set out and easy to use - a god send. A really helpful tool for anyone struggling with food-related issues that are causing ill health.”

- Julie, Brighton UK

If you’re a newly diagnosed coeliac, or know someone who is, a diary can help you or them chart their way back to good health. It will help reveal where you were accidentally glutened (because I know from experience that accidental glutenings do happen!) and how to avoid or mitigate it in the future: get your diary here.