The 2018 IBS Christmas Gift Guide

It looks like our gift list is becoming an annual thing!

Wondering what to buy your girlfriend/mum/aunt/sister/bestest friend ever who’s ailed with IBS/tummy troubles/chronic illnesses and/or just a bit of a dodgy gut? Read on…


A monthly flower delivery

If you’ve got a chronic illness, or are in the stages of spending a lot of time on the sofa (I mean, it is winter after all), you want to bring the outdoors in! A monthly flower subscription is the PERFECT way to do this, and will brighten up your giftee’s IBS-cave considerably. They will love you forever.

In the UK there’s the beautiful Bloom & Wild with their handy letterbox deliveries. In the US check out The Bouqs Co , and Canada (especially Toronto area) don’t miss the magnificent Rosehill Blooms subscriptions!

A Month’s supply of Kombucha

Kombucha is a gut health drink of the Gods. The fruity, vinegary beverage has tons of health benefits (including being packed with natural probiotics, antioxidants and the good type of bacteria our guts need to function well) but let’s be honest, it’s kind of expensive – so setting someone up with a month’s supply would be 😍😍😍

Wild Fizz Kombucha has some gorgeous-sounding flavours, and they have a mixed 12 pack! A couple of those and you’re golden.

And for the more adventurous, you could get a Make Your Own Kombucha kit from Happy Kombucha, complete with a fresh scoby!

A cosy blanket

cosy blanket and food diary on bed.jpg

For duvet days and sofa-lounging, there’s nothing better than a snuggly blanket for making you feel better about life.

This Faux Fur blanket from H&M looks super luxe, and this soft-soft throw from the National Trust will make any sofa look enticing, no matter how long you’ve spent there that week.

A Tip-Top Blusher

Blusher is a life-giving for the pale and digestively challenged. My current favourite is Glossier’s Cloud Paint, a cream blusher that goes on very easily with your fingers and you only need a tiny bit of at a time, so the small tube lasts for ages.

In the past I’ve also loved this Body Shop powder but that requires a brush and I’m a little less deft with those!

A Food Diary

But I mean, of course right?! With our food diary you’re not just gifting a beautiful piece of stationery, you’re gifting the tool that will help your loved one figure out their personal triggers to avoid, and help them live life at 100% health again. It’s literally essential to living well. Not bad for something that only costs £14.99 plus shipping…

Fancy kitchen fun

Someone with IBS, food intolerances, or a gut disorder is likely to be doing a LOT of their own cooking and baking. Make it fun with some beautiful kitchen utensils, like these Alice Funge ceramic measuring bowls, an adorable Apron, the prettiest pie dish, or the cake stand of dreams for displaying their baked creations.

Cookbooks they can actually use

Cooking with intolerances is no easy feat – there’s a lot of substituting and testing and hoping for the best. So why not gift them a cookbook they can use without the mental mathematics? Emma Hatcher’s Fodmap Friendly Kitchen cookbook is the first port of call for those on the Low FODMAP diet. I haven’t checked it out but the Healthy Gut, Flat Stomach low FODMAP recipe book looks like it could be good also.

My favourite for the coeliac and gluten free amongst us are the Gluten Free on a Shoestring books, because I’ve never met a GFOAS recipe I didn’t like.

Plus there’s Dr Hazel Wallace’s Food Medic books with nutritious, easy every-day recipes.

We hope that’s given you (/Santa) lots of ideas for the digestively-challenged person in your life! 💓 For more great tips, ideas, and the occasional offer, be sure to sign up to our monthly enewsletter below!