TFDC in the wild: Amy's story

“I can honestly say since I received my diary it has completely changed my quality of life.”

Amy had gotten used to being “that person” who had to take time out on holidays because of illness and tummy troubles. But no more! Read on to hear her story.

amy mitchell diary.jpg

“I have always been that person who got "traveller's tummy", but I had never thought much about it over the years. I had got used to being the person who had to take a day out on holiday, with really understanding friends and family. I even vommed my way through a mission trip to Kenya! Not ideal. Then just under a year ago I went to Malta with my sister and really noticed I was quite unwell. But this time it really didn't improve when I got home.

When I went to my GP with tummy trouble I had a good idea it could be IBS but with severe pain I knew it was best to get it checked out.

The GP ran bloods and suggested commencing a Low Fodmap diet. This daunted me at first but I began following The Tummy Diaries on instagram and saw The Food Diary Co. This seemed like a good way to track my diet and my good and bad days.

After my bloods all came back clear of anything more sinister I focused on optimising a Low Fodmap diet to help me to pinpoint the worst offenders!

I can honestly say since I received my diary (this is my second order currently) it has completely changed my quality of life. As a nurse I love documenting and looking for trends and also take my health and wellbeing seriously. The diary has helped me to realise that gluten and dairy free suit me best. But while I am still challenging foods it helps me to pinpoint what I can and can't tolerate.

I am due to attend my first dietitian appointment this month and I plan to attend armed with my little brown diary! I know it will be really helpful for them too in helping me to know what to reintroduce and what to avoid.

Unfortunately for me it has shown me through the monthly round up pages that garlic is definitely not my friend (I LOVE garlic) :(. And even worse still that exercise really helps my symptoms (not good news when I am feeling lazy!) But the monthly review has really helped me to clearly see trends in diet and symptoms.

I also love the notes section as it is where I document me-friendly coffee shops and restaurants at home and away. I love eating out and at first when my symptoms were at their worst I stopped eating out due to fear of feeling unwell or being seen as a difficult picky eater. Now I realise most places are keen to help and apologetic if they can't!

The diary has helped me to understand my body and get my confidence back. Now I embrace my picky eating!

For anyone thinking of getting! They are so discreet they just look like a notepad. User friendly and will really help you to get a hold on your symptoms to get you out and about again with confidence!”

-Amy M, Belfast

As always, thank you so much to Amy and our wonderful diary users who are happy to share a little bit of their journey with us and our readers! 💓 If you want your confidence back, and want to better understand how what you eat affects your health, you know where to go: grab your diary right here!