TFDC in the Wild: Indyah's story

Look at this beautiful colour-coded diary! Indyah found her IBS symptoms worsening after a bad stomach virus and laparoscopic surgery, but the Food Diary came to her rescue...

Indyah diary photo.jpg

"This little food diary really is wonderful! It’s helped me monitor and get involved with my gut health and dietary issues, and it’s even helped me set aside some calm moments and pockets of time each day to dedicate to filling it in and really considering how my body actually feels. 

My IBS used to be fairly mild and only really reactive to stress and fibromyalgia flare ups, but since recovering last summer from an awful stomach virus and laparoscopic surgery two weeks later, I’ve not been able to tolerate a whole bunch of foods and my reactions seem to have grown progressively worse.  

The diary allows me to monitor my progress, reactions and safe foods and trigger foods whilst following the low FODMAP diet, helping me tailor my diet in the best way for me. It also highlights any notable patterns or changes in my mood, sleep and exercise habits, and as someone with a mood disorder, this is so incredibly helpful for keeping track of the sneaky changes in my mood and mental well-being that can often catch me by a nasty surprise - a huge bonus for me.   

I’m a bit of a colour-coding stationary obsessive, so naturally, I made myself a colourful key of all the most frequent symptoms and things I want to monitor, and after filling in each day, I sum it up with these symbols, so I can always flick through and know how that day was, just in a glance.  

If you have any food issues, or habits, triggers and patterns that you want to get the bottom of, or even just want to monitor what you’re putting into your body and how it affects you – whether physically, mentally, or both - I wholeheartedly recommend getting yourself one of these little beauties from The Food Diary Company. Cute, compact and very clever."

- Indyah; Canterbury, UK; @themanicbaker 

Thank you for sharing your photo of your awesome diary chart Indyah! If Indyah's story rang a bell with you, get your own diary here and get experimenting!