The #glutenfreevolution

Coeliac UK has launched a brilliant campaign - the #glutenfreevolution - for better gluten free choices in restaurants.

It's Coeliac Awareness Week and Coeliac UK are campaigning for better gluten free options from food and catering businesses...which we are behind 100000% (however much that is).

We know the pain and irritation of getting to a restaurant, only to find that there's literally one thing you can eat...and it's salad (hold the croutons). But there is nothing like the joy of finding out you have not one...not two...but several options to choose from. And those wonderful places that fry your chips separately in a coeliac-safe oil? Heaven.

So we wanted to write a quick note about the #glutenfreevolution. We deserve more (safe) choices when eating out - and so do you! You can find out more on the Coeliac UK website (including their adorable animations, we love them so!) and how you can get involved to raise awareness and campaign for better options in your local area.

Do you already have some favourite places to get food when you eat out? Leave us a comment below and spread the gluten free love :)