A beautifully designed diary for tracking your gut health, food and symptoms 

Have you been diagnosed with IBS or food intolerances?

Are you on the FODMAP diet and need to keep track of how it's working? Or do you need a diary for food and health-related symptoms, but can't find one that works for you?

We're right there with you, and that's why the Food Diary Company was born.

Now you can get your hands on one of our beautiful diaries, with their daily tracking spreads that help you on your way back to good health and a happier you. Our diary is an indispensable tool - for tracking both the bad days and the good.

Take control of your diet

The Food Diary is designed to help you track food, symptoms and wellbeing.

If you have IBS, food intolerances, or a medical issue that means you need to keep a handle on your food and symptoms, then this diary can help.


Stylish, portable & discreet

You can pick up the Food Diary and start tracking 3 months' worth of diet & symptoms straight away using our undated diary pages.

The A5 Food Diary fits easily in your bag to be carried around with you wherever and whenever you need it.


I don't have IBS - can I still use the diary?

Absolutely. The food diary is for anyone who needs to track both their diet and any symptoms that occur to help them figure out what foods and aspects of their life might be throwing their gut health out of balance. You don't have to have IBS to use the diary; it's useful for a wide range of other issues that need accurate, on-going food tracking to heal and maintain health, such as: Ulcerative Collitis, Hashimoto's disease, Coeliac disease,  food intolerances that affect gut health, food intolerances that affect the skin and more.

How do I keep a food diary?

Each diary contains undated daily diary spreads and end of month round-up pages, enough to track three months' worth of symptoms. You can pick up the diary any time and begin then and there! Each day has a space to note down:

  • Food (remember to note the times you ate)
  • Symptoms
  • Sleep 
  • Stress levels
  • Drinks
  • Medicine taken
  • Exercise
  • Overall mood
  • and a space for any notes and thoughts

As the days progress you will be able to flip back through your diary and recognise certain symptoms and patterns emerging after eating or drinking particular foods. The rest of the data you're tracking will help you tweak your lifestyle until you have found a balance that works for you.

Why was the food diary created?

Our founder was diagnosed with IBS and severe gluten intolerance and was told to keep a food diary to help find trigger foods and to pinpoint when symptoms were occurring or getting worse. After looking about for such a diary, she found that most food journals were specifically for weight loss, rather than wellbeing. Instead, she picked up a notebook and created her own. Using this system, she managed to find her trigger foods and issues, and now uses her Food Diary to keep her health ticking along nicely.


We are not a medical company, nor are we medical professionals. Always have your symptoms checked out by a doctor/qualified medical professional. 


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